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Journal Articles

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Download pdf

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Download pdf

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Download pdf

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Download pdf

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Download pdf

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Download pdf

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Download pdf

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Download pdf

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Download pdf

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Download pdf

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Download pdf

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Book Chapters

Todd, R. M., Anderson, A. K., & Phelps, E. (in press). Attending to the world without an amygdala. In R. Adolphs & D. Amaral (Eds.), Life without an amygdala. Guilford.

Todd, R. M., & Anderson, A. K. (2013). Salience, State, and Expression: The Influence of Specific Aspects of Emotion on Attention and Perception. In K. Ochsner & S. M. Kosslyn (Eds.), The Oxford Handbook of Cognitive Neuroscience, Volume 2. Oxford University Press.
Download pdf

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