Association for Psychological Science article on new study by Kevin Roberts, “The Blur of Pleasure,” in Psychological Science


Great piece by Alva Noe on our recent study on affect-biased attention in PTSD:

Another trauma study out June 2015: Palombo, D. J., McKinnon, M., McIntosh, A. R., Anderson, A. K., Todd, R. M., & Levine, B. (2015). The neural correlates of memory for a life-threatening event: An fMRI study of passengers from flight AT236. Clinical Psychological Science. Here’s a piece in the Toronto Star.

Press release June 24, 2015:  Soldiers with PTSD see a world full of threat.  New study in collaboration with Toronto’s Sick Kids just out in Biological Psychiatry

Science News article on Journal of Neuroscience study on genetic variations influencing neural indices of emotionally enhanced perceptual vividness

And another writeup of the Journal of Neuroscience paper

Three articles on our 2013 Psych Science paper on genes influencing selective attention to emotionally relevant aspects of the world